Forest Consulting

Forest Land Improvement has been providing long term forest management since 1976 and continues to manage well over 30,000 acres. The company has 4 NH Licensed Foresters with 2 dual licensed in Maine.


FLI Logging and Contracting provides timber harvesting as NH Certified Loggers and trucking services, under direct supervision of Licensed Foresters. Land and lot clearing, forest glading, ground scarification and timber stand improvement are additional options. As TSP’s, FLI can assist with skid road layouts, access road development and trail design and construction.

Site Work

Do you need site work, create a field, or stabilize the soil and a skid road or landing? FLI can provide these services. They can design and install septic systems or upgrade existing ones, dig foundations and construct gravel driveways. Custom site work, such as stone retaining walls and ponds.