About Us

Forest Land Improvement began as a forestry consultant firm in 1976 in the interests of helping preserve one of our greatest natural resources – the forest. Through hard lessons learned in this country and abroad, the forest industry recognized the need for a systematic approach to proper forest management. On private, non-industrial lands, the Landowner – Forester relationship is a key element for proper forest management. Our goal as foresters is to help landowners meet their goals and objectives as wise land stewards in their tenure of the land.

We have received assistance, encouragement, and criticism from the many people we have worked with over the years, including landowners, loggers, and other foresters. The County Foresters of the Cooperative Extension Service have been especially helpful in the development of our services within the forest industry.

Donald JohnsonDonald Johnson
BS in Forestry, UNH 1976
NH Licensed Forester # 80
ME Licensed Forester # 816
NH Licensed Septic Installer #2759
NRCS Registered TSP # 04-4247
Cell (603) 651-8599

Steve DanielovichSteve Danielovich
BS Forestry, UNH 1982
MS Forestry, Clemson University 1985
NH Licensed Forester # 273
NH Licensed Septic Designer #1314
NRCS Registered TSP # 07-5787
Cell (603) 651-8598

IMG_0025Tim Nolin
BS in Forestry, Unity College 1998
NH Licensed Forester # 356
ME Licensed Forester # 3411
NRCS Registered TSP # 04-4242
Cell (603) 651-9711